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Our five year old daughter attends the pre-primary ballet class in Chipping Norton.

These classes are wonderful for her confidence, focus and determination which have developed brilliantly since starting with InTune.

The teachers are great and she comes out of the classes so excited to show us all of her dance moves. I would highly recommend The Dance Barn.
I attend the Adult Ballet class on Thursdays at Burford Hall.

I used to do ballet when I was younger and it's been so brilliant to get back to something I love.

Lorraine is a great teacher and explains everything so well and is really encouraging to her pupils.

It's been great to get back to it and I feel like we're progressing each week.
Our 3 year old son loves his ballet lessons with Miss Lorraine.

Since starting classes 6 weeks ago, he has gained much more control in body movement and balance, as well as developing his skills of concentrating, collaborating and listening.

Miss Lorraine has a wonderful talent for keeping small children entertained. Her lessons are creative and fun and the children always come out smiling- would highly recommend!
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