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Why Intune?

InTune Dance and Movement

Building confidence one step at a time

Intune Dance Classes for Kids
Lorraine Razzell
Principal and Founder
At Intune, we passionately believe that every child is a natural-born dancer, destined to express their uniqueness through movement. Our carefully crafted dance classes for children offer a delightful voyage of self-discovery, creativity, and personal growth.

Fun is our secret ingredient, adding a sprinkle of joy to every dance class. From twirling with enchanting ribbons to embarking on treasure hunts, your child will be transported to a world of laughter and twirls. The adventure never ends as they dance to their own rhythm, all with a touch of fairy dust!
With a curriculum customized for various age groups and skill levels, we ensure that each child receives the individual attention they deserve. Whether it's their very first dance step or they're already an experienced tiny dancer, we have the perfect class to match their needs.

Confidence is the key that unlocks a child's full potential. In our dance classes, we foster your child's self-esteem through positive reinforcement within a nurturing environment. Our experienced teachers create a safe space where every child is encouraged to explore their distinctive movements and ideas. As they refine their dance skills, they'll also gain the confidence to shine both on and off the stage.

Gift your child the magic of dance, confidence, and boundless joy!
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What Makes Us Different

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Fun and imaginative curriculum

We blend the syllabuses of the Royal Academy of Dance lots of free work which enables dancers to make excellent progress, develop coordination, technique, strength and flexibility whilst still experiencing the joy of movement.

We also have our own pre-school syllabus based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework where pupils go on a different dance adventure each week.

All Round Development

Ensuring everyone is happy when they come to our classes is of utmost importance to us. We want our pupils to not just be the best dancers they can be, but to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Alongside becoming great dancers we also want them to develop confidence, focus, determination and creativity plus develop great relationships with their teachers and class mates.

Outstanding Teachers

We choose our teachers very carefully. All of our teachers have excellent experience and hone their teaching skills with organisations such as the RADISTDBBO or IDTA.

They are recruited for their energy and enthusiasm and undergo regular training to ensure their teaching methods are up to date. Each member of out staff is DBS checked and completes regular first aid, fire safety and child protection training.

Inspiration beyond the Dance Studio

We like to keep our dancers inspired by showing them examples of outstanding dance in lessons, arranging workshops with professional companies and organising trips to the theatre.

Not only does this give our dancers a taste of what they can achieve but it is also great fun for them to socialise with other children in the school.
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