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Jazz Classes for Children

These classes teach children about different kinds of dance styles. They learn fun and energetic combinations that involve leaps, turns, isolation and floor work.
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Building Confidence With Every Step

Dance is a wonderful way to move yourself creatively. These fun and imaginative classes are designed to help your child feel comfortable and build their confidence.

✅ These classes help children learn the styles of contemporary dance and theatre jazz.

✅ This helps them improve their dance technique, fitness, coordination, strength, posture and flexibility.

✅ They also make up routines to popular music tracks

"Their lessons are creative and fun and the children always come out smiling - would highly recommend!"

"Her confidence, focus and determination have developed brilliantly since starting with Intune."

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What Happens In Class


Warm Up

We start the class with a series of exercises designed to warm up their bodies and minds and to make them feel comfortable.


Each week, we do something fun, different, and exciting. We learn new ways to move our bodies and develop focus.


Music is specifically chosen to engage the children and make movement enjoyable for everyone.

New Friends

There are lots of chances for pupils to make friends, show respect to each other and to feel good about themselves.
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Chipping Norton


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Why Intune?

Great Teaching
We're always focused on getting the best out of you or your kids.
Fun Classes
Above all we want you to enjoy your classes and grow in confidence.
Qualified Staff
 Qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance, ISTD and more.
We offer a range of classes for different ages and abilities.
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Our five year old daughter attends the pre-primary ballet class in Chipping Norton.

These classes are wonderful for her confidence, focus and determination which have developed brilliantly since starting with Intune.

The teachers are great and she comes out of the classes so excited to show us all of her dance moves. I would highly recommend Intune.
My daughter has been attending jazz lessons for the last six months and absolutely loves it.

Lorraine is brilliant with the children and is full of positivity.

The lessons are clearly engaging and the routines are fun and relevant to their age group.

I highly recommend Intune!
Our 3 year old son loves his ballet lessons with Miss Lorraine.

Since starting classes 6 weeks ago, he has gained much more control in body movement and balance, as well as developing his skills of concentrating, collaborating and listening.

Miss Lorraine has a wonderful talent for keeping small children entertained. Her lessons are creative and fun and the children always come out smiling - would highly recommend!

Find Us

We currently offer our Jazz classes in 2 locations:
Lechlade Memorial Hall
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Chipping Norton
Glyme Hall
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Children's Classes FAQ

What ages do the classes start from?

Our classes start for children aged 2 years.

What should my child wear?

For a trial lesson children can wear anything they can easily move in and feel comfortable in. We recommend t-shirt and leggings. If they decide to enrol in the school you will be sent details for the appropriate uniform. You can also order uniform via the website here.

Do you offer a trial before we commit?

Yes - we offer a two week trial at a discounted price of £10. We feel this gives children the best chance to become familiar with the classes and to decide if it is right for them.

How do I book a trial?

Just follow this link and we will be in touch to suggest the best options for you and your child.

How much do your classes cost?

We charge a monthly subscription of £31, paid over 11 months, per class that your child is enrolled in. This is charged by direct debit which is set up after the trial and once you decide whether you would like to enrol your child in the school. This subscription can be cancelled at any time by contacting us or through your bank.

Do your classes run all year round?

Our classes run during term time only but we offer additional workshops and activities during school holidays which you will be notified about. There is an additional charge for these activities. The most up to date term dates can be found on our website.

Can my child join part way through a term?

Yes they can, as long as there is space in the class of your choosing. Fees for the first month will be adjusted accordingly.

Are your staff qualified?

We pride ourselves on our rigorous recruitment process and staff development opportunities. All of our teachers hold qualifications with reputable dance organisations, are DBS checked and registered with the DBS update service so regular checks can be carried out. Staff also undergo regular continual professional development and complete Child Protection and Safeguarding, First aid and Fire Safety training on a regular basis.

Do you offer exams or performance opportunities?

We offer every child the chance to take an examination once a year. Those who do not want to take part in examinations can still progress to the next level when they are the correct age.

Children have the chance to perform in class at the end of each term, and other performance opportunities are offered during holiday workshops.

My child has additional needs. Can they join a class?

Absolutely! We work hard to make our classes as inclusive a possible and are very willing to work with parents and guardians, schools and other organisations to adjust our classes to suit the needs of all who wish to attend.