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Are you looking for Dance Classes Near Woodstock?

Intune Dance and Movement offers classes at a range of locations in Oxfordshire but we haven't come to Woodstock yet - we're planning on starting classes soon!

Please complete the form below or contact us and we'll let you know as soon as we can find the right venue.

We run classes nearby that are really easy to get to. Please check below and find the most convenient location for you!

Our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching dance so that everyone has access to outstanding instruction.

We want each student who attends one of our classes to progress with confidence as they develop focus, resilience and creativity through learning new skills.

Most importantly - we want them to enjoy themselves while doing it!
Experienced Teachers
Our teachers are all qualified and trained to get the best out of you and your kids.
Builds Confidence
Dance is more than just movement. It's about growing in confidence and creativity.

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Please complete the form below and be among the first to find out when we're starting dance classes in WoodstockOxfordshire.

We're searching for new venues all the time and hope to start soon!

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Where We Offer Classes

We offer dance and movement classes across a variety of locations in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Find out more about where we are, what classes we offer and how to book your space today!


I have been attending the adult classes in Woodstock for a few months now.

It’s great fun and brilliant way to keep fit and make friends! 

Lorraine is incredibly professional and differentiates the classes to suit everyone.

She makes everyone feel like they really can be a ballerina!!
Our daughter Emily is enjoying her time throughly.

They learn the dances with fun activities on the way being tigers and monkeys to help with their coordination and moves.

 It’s a great little group and Emily has picked up good skills along the way too, in discipline and listening. Great work can’t wait to see their little show.
A huge thank you to Lorraine who came in to Preschool today and taught a ballet lesson.

All the children flew off to space in their space rockets, catching the shooting stars and hopping from planet to planet.

The children absolutely loved it. If you're looking for a dance school with a difference please try InTune!

Why Intune?

Great Teaching
We're always focused on getting the best out of you or your kids.
Fun Classes
Above all we want you to enjoy your classes and grow in confidence.
Qualified Staff
 Qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance, ISTD and more.
We offer a range of classes for different ages and abilities.

Latest News

News, Updates and more from Lorraine and the Intune team.
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