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Science and Discovery Fun Activities for Young Children in Oxfordshire

April 9, 2023

As a parent, you always want your child to learn while having fun. Luckily, Oxfordshire is a haven for science and discovery activities that are both educational and entertaining. So, if you want your little ones to explore the wonders of science and discovery, there are plenty of things to do in Oxfordshire. In this blog post, we will be sharing ideas for fun activities that kids can engage in while also learning about science and discovery.

  1. Science Museum, Oxford

The Science Museum in Oxford is an excellent place for families to visit. It has a range of interactive exhibits that are suitable for children of all ages. The museum explores scientific discoveries in different fields, including biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Your little ones can learn about the human body, the environment, and space exploration through interactive displays and hands-on exhibits.

For younger children, the museum has a designated area known as the "Jungle Gym" where they can play and explore the science behind movement, sound, and light. There’s also a planetarium where kids can learn about the solar system and beyond.

  1. Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens is a perfect destination for children who love animals. It has over 260 different species of animals, including penguins, big cats, primates, and reptiles. The park is also home to a variety of birds, and your little ones can learn about their habitats and behaviors.

Children can learn about conservation efforts and the importance of treating animals with respect. There’s also a maze, train ride, and adventure playground that kids can enjoy.

  1. River & Rowing Museum, Henley-On-Thames

The River & Rowing Museum is located in Henley-on-Thames and is a fascinating place for young children. It explores the Thames River, its history, and its impact on the local community. The museum is home to a range of interactive exhibits, including hands-on activities, puzzles, and games.

The museum has a designated area known as the "Wind in the Willows" where kids can learn about the classic children's book and the river creatures featured in the story. Children can also participate in arts and crafts activities that are both fun and educational.

  1. The Story Museum, Oxford

The Story Museum is an excellent destination for children who love to read and explore their imaginations. The museum explores the world of storytelling, from classic fairy tales to modern books. It is home to immersive exhibitions and installations that inspire children to read, write, and create.

The museum has a range of activities, including storytelling sessions, interactive workshops, and creative writing classes. Children can also explore the museum's gardens, which are home to a range of literary characters.

  1. Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, Great Missenden

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre is located in Great Missenden and is a must-visit destination for families with young children. The museum celebrates the life and work of one of the most beloved children's authors, Roald Dahl. The museum has interactive exhibits, games, and activities that are both fun and educational.

Children can learn about the creative process behind Dahl's books, explore his writing hut, and even create their own story ideas. The museum has a range of workshops and events, including storytelling sessions and crafts activities.

  1. Oxford Botanic Garden

The Oxford Botanic Garden is a beautiful destination for families who love nature and want to learn more about plants. The garden is home to a diverse range of plants, including medicinal plants, exotic flowers, and rare species. The garden has a designated area for children called the "Family Discovery Trail," where kids can learn about the different plants and their uses.

Children can participate in educational activities, such as scavenger hunts, quizzes, and crafts. The garden also has a playground and picnic area, making it a perfect destination for a family day out.

  1. The Earth Trust, Little Wittenham

The Earth Trust is an environmental learning charity that focuses on the importance of the natural environment. The trust has a range of outdoor activities that are both fun and educational. Children can learn about conservation, ecology, and sustainable living through hands-on activities, such as pond dipping, bug hunting, and den building.

The trust also has a farm where children can learn about animal husbandry, agriculture, and food production. Children can learn how to care for animals, collect eggs, and help with farm chores.


Oxfordshire is a treasure trove of science and discovery activities for young children. From museums to wildlife parks, there are plenty of places to visit that are both educational and entertaining. Children can learn about different fields of science, from biology to astronomy, and explore their creativity through arts and crafts activities. So, next time you're looking for a family day out, consider visiting one of these destinations, and watch your child's curiosity and love for learning grow.

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