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Dance Classes for Adults

InTune Dance and Movement

Dance and Movement Classes for Adults

We offer a wide range of dance classes for adults at convenient locations across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire. We're opening new locations and adding different classes all the time!

Find out more about each of our classes and book a class today.

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Benefits of Dance for Adults

Great Exercise
Good for your heart, lungs, mobility and general fitness.
Lots of Fun
We want you to enjoy yourself when you come to our classes.
Learning something new helps your confidence and self-esteem grow.
Boosts Your Mood
Dance and Movement can allow you to escape and let loose.

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We offer dance and movement classes for adults across a variety of locations in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire

Find out more about where we are, what classes we offer and how to book your space today!

How To Join Our Classes

Intune Dance Classes for Adults
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Adult Classes

All of our adult classes are booked online. There is no long term commitment, you can choose and book the slots that are convenient for you.
Connect to our booking platform.
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Why Intune?

Great Teaching
We're always focused on getting the best out of you or your kids.
Fun Classes
Above all we want you to enjoy your classes and grow in confidence.
Qualified Staff
 Qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance, ISTD and more.
We offer a range of classes for different ages and abilities.


I have been attending the adult classes in Woodstock for a few months now.

It’s great fun and brilliant way to keep fit and make friends!

Lorraine is incredibly professional and differentiates the classes to suit everyone.

She makes everyone feel like they really can be a ballerina!!
I attend the Adult Ballet class on Thursdays at Burford Hall.

I used to do ballet when I was younger and it's been so brilliant to get back to something I love.

Lorraine is a great teacher and explains everything so well and is really encouraging to her pupils.

It's been great to get back to it and I feel like we're progressing each week.
I’ve been doing Lorraine & Esme’s classes for a year now since they began in Woodstock and absolutely love them!

I have really noticed a huge difference in my mobility, having some back problems previously and I’m definitely more flexible as a result. I try to do two classes a week now when possible.

The classes are well structured and definitely suitable for all abilities. Would highly recommend anyone to try them!

Adult Classes FAQ

I have not done dance before. Am I still able to join a class?

Absolutely! We have classes for all levels and offer options within the class to enable participants to choose which level they would like to work at.

What should I wear?

Dance or gym wear is fine. You can do the class in bare feet or socks but ballet or jazz shoes are advised to enable you to use your feet with the dexterity required of the dance style.

I have an injury. Will this affect my ability to take part?

In many cases participants with mild injuries are still able to participate and movements can be adapted. If you are unsure whether you should participate please contact us to discuss further or speak with your GP.

I have booked a class but I am no longer able to attend?

If you have paid for a class but you are not longer able to attend please let us know by 6.00pm the day before and we will be able to issue a refund or transfer your booking to another date. Refunds will not be issued after this time.

How do I book a class?

Please go directly to our booking platform here and choose a class time convenient for you.

Are your staff qualified?

We pride ourselves on our rigorous recruitment process and staff development opportunities. All of our teachers hold qualifications with reputable dance organisations, are DBS checked and registered with the DBS update service so regular checks can be carried out. Staff also undergo regular continual professional development and complete Child Protection and Safeguarding, First aid and Fire Safety training on a regular basis.
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