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Time Travel for Kids: Exploring Gloucestershire's Rich History through Interactive Activities

May 8, 2023

Time Travel for Kids: Exploring Gloucestershire's Rich History through Interactive Activities

Teaching our children about history can be a real challenge, especially when we're trying to tear them away from their smartphones and tablets. But it's essential that they learn about the rich cultural heritage of the world they live in.

If you're a parent of young children in Gloucestershire, you're in luck - this beautiful county is steeped in history and offers plenty of interactive activities that will inspire and entertain your little ones. Here's our guide to some fantastic Gloucestershire-based historical activities that will have your kids feeling like they've traveled back in time, all while having a whale of a time.

1. Become knights and princesses at the Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle

One of the most iconic sights in Gloucestershire, Berkeley Castle is a fantastic place for children to learn about medieval history. This magnificent 12th-century fortress has been the home of the Berkeley family for over 850 years, making it the oldest inhabited castle in England.

The castle hosts a range of interactive activities for kids, including dressing up in period costumes, learning the art of archery, and exploring the castle's dungeons. They can also join guided tours to learn about the castle's history, including the famous legend of King Edward II's grisly murder within its walls.

There's even a butterfly house and a beautiful landscaped garden for your young adventurers to explore, making a day at Berkeley Castle a must-do for families in Gloucestershire.

2. Step back in time at the Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman Villa

Give your kids a taste of life in Roman Britain with a visit to Chedworth Roman Villa, one of the largest and most well-preserved Roman villas in the country. Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, this fascinating archeological site offers hands-on activities that will transport your children back to the Roman era.

Children can dress up as Roman citizens, make mosaics, and even try their hand at a Roman-inspired board game. There are also interactive displays and exhibits showcasing the incredible artefacts discovered at the villa, such as intricate mosaics, coins, and pottery.

With plenty of space for picnics and nature trails to explore, Chedworth Roman Villa is an excellent destination for a fun and educational day out with the kids.

3. Discover Gloucester's maritime past at the National Waterways Museum

National Waterways Museum

Located in the historic Gloucester Docks, the National Waterways Museum offers a fascinating insight into the county's maritime heritage. Kids will love exploring the interactive exhibits that tell the stories of the people who lived and worked on the waterways, including tales of daring rescues and notorious pirates.

There are plenty of hands-on activities to keep the little ones entertained, such as boat handling, rope making, and discovering the underwater world of the canals through interactive displays. The museum also offers boat trips along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, giving your family a unique perspective on the area's rich maritime history.

4. Get hands-on with history at the Corinium Museum

Corinium Museum

Centrally located in the picturesque market town of Cirencester, the Corinium Museum offers a wealth of interactive exhibits that bring the history of Roman Britain to life. As the former capital of the Cotswolds during Roman times, Cirencester was once referred to as "the second city of Britain," and the museum's extensive collection reflects this rich heritage.

Kids can get hands-on with history by creating their own mosaics, dressing up as Roman citizens, and taking part in archeological digs. The museum also hosts regular workshops and family events, so be sure to check their events calendar before your visit.

5. Immerse yourselves in the world of the Tudors at the Tudor Farmhouse

Tudor Farmhouse

Nestled in the beautiful Forest of Dean, the Tudor Farmhouse is a charming 16th-century building that offers a unique insight into life during Tudor times. This historic family home has been carefully restored to its original glory, complete with authentic period furnishings and traditional cooking methods.

Children can try their hand at traditional crafts such as spinning and weaving, learn about the medicinal properties of herbs in the physic garden, and even take part in a Tudor feast! The Tudor Farmhouse also hosts regular historical re-enactments and events throughout the year, making it an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

6. Keep the history lessons going with dance classes at Intune Dance and Movement

Intune Dance and Movement

Once your little ones have had their fill of historical adventures, why not keep the learning going with some fun and engaging dance classes at Intune Dance and Movement? Their jazz dance classes are not only a great way for kids to stay active and make new friends, but they also connect with the rich cultural history of dance and music.

With classes available for children of all ages, there's never been a better time to introduce your child to the world of dance. Get in touch with Intune Dance and Movement at [email protected] to book their first jazz dance class today!


With so much history right on our doorstep, Gloucestershire is the perfect place to teach your children about the past in a fun and interactive way. From Roman villas and medieval castles to Tudor farmhouses and maritime museums, there are endless opportunities for kids to immerse themselves in the world of our ancestors. So, pack a picnic, grab your little ones, and embark on a time-traveling adventure they'll never forget!

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